I’m Joshua

Mobile & front end developer

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About Me

I am a software engineer by profession, I write UI and logic for web and mobile apps. Majority of my knowledge has been assimilated from online sources like Udemy, YouTube and Twitter.

I love solving problems that I experience daily, in my experience that’s the fastest way to learn, as there is in emotional investment. The projects that I loved to work on were those that had little to no documentation, the thrill of exploring uncharted territories and trying out things you wouldn’t get to try otherwise, always give me great satisfaction and a sense of pride.

The technologies that I like to work on are iOS and HTML/css, using core frameworks with no external libraries helps sharpen my skills and gives new perspective on solving existing problems.



Childhood passion and favourite sport

Table Tennis

Passtime at work, and pretty decent at it


To cool off after a stressful day


A calming activity when alone