Hi, I'm Joshua, a mobile and web front-end developer. I help turn designs into high quality products. I specialise in developing iOS applications using swift.

I have expertise working in Javascript to develop applications in React Native and write front-end using React.

I have also worked with Vapor to write server side logic for back-end applications.

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My Skills

My Expertise

iOS Development

I specialize in iOS development, designing, coding, and deploying applications for Apple devices, primarily iPhones and iPads. With proficiency in Apple's Swift and Objective-C, and expertise in the Xcode integrated development environment, I craft intuitive apps tailored for the iOS ecosystem.


I have expertise in React development, creating dynamic user interfaces for web applications. Proficient in JavaScript and familiar with the React ecosystem, I harness component-based architectures to build responsive and scalable applications, ensuring seamless user experiences across platforms.

React Native

I excel in React Native development, crafting cross-platform mobile applications with a native feel. Leveraging JavaScript and the React Native framework, I seamlessly bridge the gap between iOS and Android, ensuring optimal performance and consistent user experiences across both platforms.


I am adept at Next.js development, building server-rendered React applications with enhanced performance and SEO capabilities. Skilled in JavaScript and the Next.js framework, I produce scalable and lightning-fast web solutions, ensuring optimal user experiences through automatic code splitting and hybrid static rendering.


I specialize in Vapor development, leveraging the power of Swift for server-side applications. With a deep understanding of the Vapor framework, I craft robust and scalable backend solutions, combining the efficiency of Swift with server-side capabilities to deliver high-performance web services and APIs.


I possess strong expertise in HTML and CSS, laying the foundation for web design and development. Utilizing semantic HTML structures combined with aesthetic and responsive CSS styling, I craft visually appealing and accessible web pages, ensuring seamless user experiences across various devices and browsers.